The Real Price Of Hair Rebonding: Can You Afford It?

Hair RebondingIt’s just wonderful how Jennifer Lopez and Faye Wong have it. Long, straight silky and shiny hair. Doesn’t it just seem so divine and perfect. How it defines the eyes and the cheekbones? And just as lovely straight hair has made these gorgeous celebrities ever more stunning, so would you want to have it.

But the problem is, yours is wavy and frizz has long been a problem. But thanks to beauty salons and your hairdresser’s make-over savvy, you can be off to a new, refreshing look. You with what seems to be well-kept and pristine-looking straight hair through the magic of the latest treatments.

You’ve heard of hair rebonding and how it can instantly transform wavy and frizzy hair into impeccably straight and shipshape. Everybody is into it, and your feel the urge to go with the trend as well. Hair rebonding can quite be costly, but you won’t mind it at all. All you’d want and care about is to metamorphose into Jennifer Lopeze’s clone.

You’d be willing to shed off much of your resources just to get hold of the instant straightening results of rebonding. But having “shed off much resources” might not be the only expense required of hair rebonding. This popularly chic treatment can actually cause you to go bald. A case study cited of a 14-year-old girl who had big clumps of her tresses falling in the shower after having gone through the rebonding treatment.

After two months, her hair strands started breaking. Another woman had a fate as worse. She sued her hairdresser when bald patches appeared on her head after rebonding. In fact, during the process itself, her scalp began stinging. Hairfall also took place, and in clumps as well. Just as you would want to have it on the outside- straight, silky and shiny hair.

But when rebonding, chemical bonds in your hairstrands are actually rearranged. The strands are then bonded back again-permanently- with the use of very strong chemicals. Do you like the sound of it – “very strong chemicals”? And do they seem friendly to your fragile and flimsy hairstrands? You guessed it right- rebonding is one of the most damaging treatments your hair can ever go through.

Perming lotion is initially applied to soften your hair. Its bonds are then broken down. Washing off the perming lotion comes next, and then your oh-so-delicate hairstrands are put in between two metal plates of electric styling device. Your hair would be pulled rod-straight using heat. To reset the bonds and stabilize the strands, neutralizer is applied.

After the perming process, an irreversible alteration takes place- to your hair, that is. Chemical treatments weaken the hairshafts. It causes them to fracture more easily. Hairfall or thinning in massive amounts can result. And isn’t this contrary to what you want to achieve in the first place. Well-kept and shipshape straight hair which is supposed to make you beautiful.

This is not to say that this happens all the time with rebonding, but there is always the risk. Many things have to be considered, such as the expertise and credibility of your hairstylist and the salon, and the quality of the chemicals and facilities used. What’s more, you’d need further rebonding after six months to maintain the touched-up look.

More exposure to a rather dicey process, don’t you think. There are good points to rebonding, so it seems, but these are possible downsides which many women have experienced. It is inherent for women to want to be beautiful, and so do you. But perhaps you shouldn’t be so hasty in wanting to achieve it- it always pays to be cautious.

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