Core Fitness Exercises for the Abs and the Back

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Perhaps there was an instance when you did some vigorous housework and attempted to lift something heavy. And suddenly, you felt a stabbing back pain. A fair diagnosis could be that you may have a weak core. What is your “core”? Actually, it is the seat of power for your whole body.

Photo of a group of people strengthening their core
A strong core prevents lower-back pain. Improving mobility and strength in the hips, thighs, glutes and back not only prevents back pain, it can also relieve the aches.

You may have heard of the term “core training” on TV and in fitness magazines. To be specific, core training is the strengthening of your “core”- your abdominals, trunk muscles and deep muscles like the TVA or Transversus Abdominis. Once you have achieved core strength, it would mean excellent physical fitness and enhanced performance of physical activities especially if you are an athlete for recreational or competitive purposes.

Core fitness would also mean reduced back pain as sometimes back pain can be caused by tightened muscles. Aside from a weak core, other underlying causes of back pain could be improperly executed exercises that strain the muscles or the bones. Men and women of all ages complain about back pain and in fact, it is one of the most common ailments and discomforts that could range from acute to chronic.

Severe back pain might even require hospitalization or surgery and at times it can cause disability. Through core training, back pain can be remarkably preventable and with a few simple exercises at that. For instance, an injury of the back such as a herniated disk could be alarming and consequently, it may cause a foot drop

A foot drop occurs when you literally have to drag your legs as the nerves have gone numb. In this case, a surgery is expedient. An alternative solution for this case, however, is epidural injection of steroids that can provide immediate relief. In severe cases of back pain and injury, it is essential to modify your lifestyle which basically means having a good diet and regular proper exercises in order to be on the road of wellness.

You may be spared from going under the knife through tons of flexibility exercises and intelligent abdominal training not only to remedy your back pain and injury, but interestingly to flatten the abs as well. Through core training, you can achieve fitness, i.e., a strengthened base and workhorse for your body. 

You may initially resort to a rehabilitation program after a severe back pain or injury, but eventually, through regular core training and flexibility workouts, you can remedy your back pain or injury. Core workouts doesn’t just entail the usual body building routines but may involve ball work as well. As one patient with herniated disk professed, after several years of training, core exercises have made him achieve a greater improvement from his back pain problem. 

True, some of us may neglect taking care of the muscles as they seem trivial, but it is in fact paying more attention of the muscles that can make us physically fit and well and it could be a preventive measure or remedy for back pain that most people often neglect, too. 

But back pain is not something to be just shrugged off. In some cases, back pain may be inconsequential, but in other cases, back pain can be so debilitating and it can also signal another underlying disease. There are numerous core workouts and training programs available online, in videos and credible books or publications. 

Before resorting to any of these workouts, however, it may be sensible to seek advice from your doctor to get a guarantee that these workouts are safe and suitable for you.

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