Boredom and Depression: Beat One, Beat the Other

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It is frustrating indeed. When you sit there, looking out the window and there seems to be just..nothing. Nothing to do, and even nothing to think about. And that’s what it basically seems to be all about- nothing. This is boredom, and when it creeps in there isn’t seem to be anything which interests you.

Photo of Man Bored at work
Boredom is generally viewed as an unpleasant emotional state in which the individual feels a pervasive lack of interest in and difficulty concentrating on the current activity.

You have lost your enthusiasm and zest, everything you do is drudgery. But more than being idle and frustrated, boredom is often accompanied by loneliness and depression. These being perceived as the negative states that they are disconnect us from our positive relationship with ourselves. We lose the felt sense of ourselves as productive individuals.

We no longer feel engaged towards anything and cease to be energetic. If such a state remains unabated, classic symptoms of depression may begin to beset. These symptoms are negative perception of self or low self esteem,loss of energy and motivation, emptiness, lethargy and long hours of sleeping to name a few.

What are some ways for you to get revved up and regain your liveliness? Lack of movement is a common precursor to boredom and depression. What to do with it? Dance! Yes, go dancing and let loose. Get in touch with yourself by letting yourself be. Try surfing online for more information on different choices of dances for you to learn.

You can even get free lessons with partners out for the same purpose. You not only end up learning dancing, but winning an acquaintance who is as grateful as you are. If you happen to be single and living alone, you might find it to be an isolating experience at times.

If so, you can opt to join a singles’ club. Social interaction is beneficial and therapeutic in many ways, AND it is a good antidote to boredom. Turn to your best info buddy- the internet- and look up for singles events in your city. A whole host of choices would come up and you will find various opportunities for you to meet and greet singles.

You can also consider taking a course- get your mind working and winding. The mental stimulation and learning could perk you up. You would not need to enroll in a degree. Visit your local college and ask for short term courses about a particular subject. Other than your local college, you can further inquire from recreational councils, art supply stores or workshops by experts from certain fields.

You can avail of free or low cost courses from these venues. You need to awaken the inner warrior in you to dispel boredom. Spur your sense of competence by becoming a docent. Gain and impart knowledge and you would feel empowered. And you become oblivious to the tendrils of boredom and depression.

You can volunteer and be trained in museums for instance. Lead groups on informative tours or exhibits. You get to feed your mind and do the same to others. Other than learning about art history, you get exposed to a circle of like-minded people and gain friends. Fill the void of your bored and tedious existence with meaning- do volunteer work.

Give back to your community and you will be rewarded by a sense of fulfillment having selflessly done something worthwhile. Be a volunteer in a soup kitchen, the local historic society or railroad museum. Be a baby minder in a local children’s hospital. In the process of recapturing sense and substance for your life, you might just bump into an added delightful bonus- finding a person looking for the same thing as you.

And the next time boredom sets in, it won’t be a lonely journey.

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