The Many Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing

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There are many ways to lose weight when you are intent. There are numerous benefits as well, and they are rewarding at that. It has been said that weight loss ought to be done in the context of achieving overall health. Cardio exercise fits in to this criterion. With cardio exercise, your cardiovascular health will be improved.

Photo of group cardio kickboxing
Cardio kickboxing is a group fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio.

So is your body’s flexibility and endurance. Your respiration and circulation will be boosted, and you will feel good. Feeling good brought about by exercise is due to the release of endorphins or the “happy hormones”. It can make you feel confident and positive. And of course, you’d also feel confident knowing that you look good- you will lose weight.

These are some of the benefits of cardio exercise and there are many sorts of them. One that you might consider for a cardio exercise is cardio kickboxing. With cardio kickboxing, you get to engage in a stimulating sport. You will also learn how to defend yourself. But what’s more, your body will be doing simultaneous movements making you burn more calories.

There has actually been an explosion in the popularity of kickboxing for the past two decades. This is primarily due to the exposure brought about by Hollywood. Surely you’ve heard of and probably seen movies like “Karate Kid”. Late night infomercials such as Mr. Billy Blanks and Tae Bo programs also contribute to its popularity.

What comes into mind when you think of a kickboxer? Somebody with cut abs and who is fit like a marathon runner. And as a kickboxer, one also has to have the balance of mind like that of a Buddhist monk. Many people would want to have the same characteristics, and so they try cardio kickboxing.

Certainly, you can picture yourself out with the body like that of a fitness model. Along with it is the confidence to defend yourself. And so you might consider cardio kickboxing. This sport and exercise are taught in almost every major gym. Given this fact, it’s sure to become more popular in the coming years.

When you do cardio kickboxing, you would be carrying out 1,000 or so of coordinated fast twitch muscles. Indeed, it’s one of the top ways to induce weight loss. As recommended by the American Heart Association, every person should engage in 30 minutes of semi-intense exercise regularly. With kickboxing, you’d be required to perform simultaneous arm and length movements.

With these, your metabolism can be hastened and you would burn more calories. You’d get to have multiple body parts moving, and so your heart rate increases. As you burn more calories, you’d be taking the inches off little by little. Within a few minutes of doing the workout, your heart rate would be racing.

You may be out of breath in the first few sessions, but in time your cardiovascular health will improve. Through constant training, you will become less winded. As your endurance increases, it means that your heart muscle is getting stronger. Your heart will beat more efficiently, and your risks for certain diseases (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) will be reduced.

All these and more are the ways in which cardio kickboxing works. Surely, it’s one of the effective means for you to be fit, healthy and confident.

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