Psychic Ability And The Third Eye Chakra

Photo of third eye
People with psychic ability are able to foresee the future. Other than that, they can also see and sense things which others cannot. The subject of psychic ability is in fact too broad to explain. But it is an interesting subject. As the realm of psychic ability is too expansive and profound, countless notions abound pertaining to it. The third eye chakra is the energy center in our body responsible for reality, perception, manifesting, thought, and intuition. It is said that one has the psychic ability when their third eye is open.…

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Feminization Hypnosis: Unleashing The Woman Within

photo of hypnosis session
Many people may well be aware of the power of hypnosis. When one tries to make sense out of it, hypnosis is basically fine-tuning and reprogramming the mind’s software. When properly done, hypnosis can liberate an individual from binding fears and habits. It can even spare them from pain. Hypnosis actually has scientific grounding but to an outsider’s eyes, it may seem like magic. But such “outsiders” better brace themselves for something so astounding called feminization hypnosis. By all means, the purpose of feminization hypnosis is to “feminize” an individual.…

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L-arginine: The Body’s Natural Viagra

photo of viagra pills
Erectile dysfunction affects a large percentage of men, and it is of varying degrees. As many men have this dilemma, the search is on for the best erectile dysfunction treatment. When it comes to such a treatment, the pharmaceutical Viagra has been quite popular. A significant proportion of the male population with ED has believed in the drug. Common side effects of Viagra include nausea, facial flushing and hot flushes. Some men also complain of indigestion, nasal congestion and dizziness after taking their tablet. But as a pharmaceutical, though, Viagra has side effects.…

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The Backers and Detractors of Alternative Medicine

photo of garlic, ginger, lemon
The term “alternative medicine” is becoming a common byword nowadays. By alternative medicine, we mean the use of certain methods and practices for treatment other than conventional methods of treatments such as surgery and medications. Chinese medicine and the Ayurveda medical practice in India are considered as alternative medicine in Western cultures, while it is considered as conventional in those places where they originated from. Alternative medicine is popular because it is often helpful and cost effective. Thus, alternative therapies are also largely a matter of social and cultural context.…

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