A Closer Look At Lower Right Back Pain

Photo of Woman in Pain
Backaches are common and frequent complaints in the doctor’s office. As such, those who are caught with this dilemma are constantly looking for information pertaining to this condition, and they should be as the information is oftentimes the key in finding the remedy to a problem. Backaches are of several categories. They may either be acute or chronic and may manifest in different areas of the back. Lower right back pain is one of the most prevalent forms of backaches that may not only be a minor discomfort but it can go to the extent of being distressing.…

Core Fitness Exercises for the Abs and the Back

photo of core exercise
Perhaps there was an instance when you did some vigorous housework and attempted to lift something heavy. And suddenly, you felt a stabbing back pain. A fair diagnosis could be that you may have a weak core. What is your “core”? Actually, it is the seat of power for your whole body. A strong core prevents lower-back pain. Improving mobility and strength in the hips, thighs, glutes and back not only prevents back pain, it can also relieve the aches. You may have heard of the term “core training” on TV and in fitness magazines.…
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