Office Socialization Means Lesser Stress and Better Work

photo of office set up
How many hours do you spend in the office everyday? And how many days in the week do you stay in your workplace? And if youve been working for years, well, imagine how much of your life you’ve literally lived in the office. Do the math how many hours has it been, or days, or years since you’ve been a regular office dweller. A study by The McKinsey Global Institute shows that productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees. Considering you basically inhabit your workplace on a regular basis and for a significant amount of time, you have to make means to make it a better place.…

Going About Efficiently with Ergonomics

photo of ergonomic working set up
Neck and back pain are among the most common complaints in households and offices. Quite a large number of people seek treatment for these conditions. Almost everybody seems to be susceptible to neck or back pain. From the 8 to 5 white collar worker, even blue collar workers, and yes, housewives who go about daily with common chores. A good ergonomic workstation may provide the kind of support that helps reduce neck and shoulder pain. Trauma more often causes these conditions. It may not so much be with falls or accidents, but more commonly with microtrauma and repetitive trauma that neck and back pain may arise.…