In the Shoes of Depressed People

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It takes much patience and understanding to deal with depressed people. Depressed people often see things in a different light. But such a perspective is gloomy. For depressed people, there seem to be no light of day which can give them reasons to smile.

Photo of Depressed woman
Depression can happen at any age. Your race, where you live, or how much money you make doesn’t change your chance of having depression.

Depending on the degree of depression, depressed people feel that they are buried in a dark abyss. The struggle with depression can be an excruciating one. At some points, everybody experiences depression. But depression is experienced in varying degrees.

As much as it is painful, depression is inherent to the human mental and emotional make-up. There is such thing as “normal depression”. As the term implies, normal depression is an anticipated reaction to the incongruities, tragedies and disappointments of living. 

Many may well be familiar with the term “growing pains”. It does apply to human emotional growth as well. Inherent to human psychological progression can be depression. Many may not like the idea of it, but sometimes the pain of depression is necessary for emotional maturity.

Seeing matters in a holistic perspective can help one to understand that emotional growing pains are essential. In some cases, though, there are those who cannot acknowledge such fact. And so they sink deeper into the abyss of depression until they suffer from clinical depression.

More studies have been carried out from then until now to determine the causes of clinical depression. As clinical depression has become prevalent, there are basically millions of depressed people out there who have been overwhelmed by hopelessness. 

Depressed people often say “I am worthless. Hopeless and helpless”. The lamentation of depressed people can often go to the extent of “I want to die”. Yes, depressed people can become suicidal. Such is why those who have weathered depression or have gained emotional strength have to take time to help them. Especially if these people are friends and loved ones.

Depressed people can sometimes be overly sensitive. When one is not careful, they may send the wrong message to depressive individuals. It is best then that one uses a neutral tone when addressing the depressed. As much as one empathizes with them, it is best not to be overly sentimental. This can aggravate the self-pity already encumbering depressed people.

Compassion and encouragement are what they greatly need. Rather than showing pity to depressed people, it is best to show them that they are valued and respected. Words like “I love you”, or “You are my friend and you are important to me” can go a long way in helping depressed people.

One can make them feel that they are not alone by telling them “I am with you”. Whatever one says and do should make depressed people feel that they are valued and supported. Being positive can also lift the heavy burden weighing down depressed people. This can be done by reinforcing their mental strength. One can do so by suggesting mental models, giving constructive autosuggestions and using positive metaphors.

Other than that, one can also guide depressed people to confront situations to improve their condition. Other than physical and emotional support, a natural stress, anxiety and depression formula can also help depressed people.

One such product, Relagen is made available in stores. As Relagen is a natural product, it is non-addictive and delivers results without side effects. With support from those who care and a natural formula for depression, depressed people can once again see the light of day.

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