Going About Efficiently with Ergonomics

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Neck and back pain are among the most common complaints in households and offices. Quite a large number of people seek treatment for these conditions. Almost everybody seems to be susceptible to neck or back pain. From the 8 to 5 white collar worker, even blue collar workers, and yes, housewives who go about daily with common chores.

Photo of ergonomic workstation
A good ergonomic workstation may provide the kind of support that helps reduce neck and shoulder pain.

Trauma more often causes these conditions. It may not so much be with falls or accidents, but more commonly with microtrauma and repetitive trauma that neck and back pain may arise. This is where ergonomics comes in to deal with neck and back pain.

What is ergonomics, really? The term has become more commonly used and people hear more and more of it. But do they know what ergonomics really is? Ergonomics is said to be an efficient manner of moving and doing activities. It primarily has to do with proper posture and the use of ergonomic furniture.

Exercises as well are involved in ergonomics. That way, inconvenient joint aches and pains would be minimized and even eliminated. Otherwise, strain and injury can result if one keeps to poor posture and doing movements and activities recklessly. Going about with regular activities have to be done ergonomically.

When doing so, one would be moving smoothly and efficiently. They would not be hampered by additional strain and stress on the joints. The joints would move with ease and pain as they have been designed.

But why do many people suffer from joint pain and conditions? It’s because they are not mindful of their environment and ergonomic principles. In the long run, this may result to neck and back pain, the most common conditions affecting the majority. After all, it is routine daily activities which can lead to the onset of these ailments. Neck and back pain are among the many spinal conditions brought about by doing movements and activities improperly.

Such conditions are often caused by microtrauma and repetitive stress and strain. That is why there is a need for ergonomic involvement, especially in workplaces to address these sort of traumas.

For instance, those who are wedged on hours in front of the computer. Their monitors have to be positioned properly, and their furniture has to be ergonomically designed. Effort is also required on the user’s part – they have to practice proper posture. Day in and day out for eight to ten hours a day. This could put strain and stress on the joints. One thus has to watch their movements and ensure that their furniture would not cause them discomfort.

The neck, the back and the wrist have to stay reasonable straight. Measures such as these can go a long way towards providing comfort, and in the long run productivity. Another factor to consider is the strength of the neck and back muscles. This is essential in carrying out a proper stance and posture when moving or working. Even with what seem minor changes in applying ergonomics, much difference can be made in terms of comfort. This is the significance of ergonomics which only proves how crucial it is.

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