Feminization Hypnosis: Unleashing The Woman Within

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Many people may well be aware of the power of hypnosis. When one tries to make sense out of it, hypnosis is basically fine-tuning and reprogramming the mind’s software. When properly done, hypnosis can liberate an individual from binding fears and habits. It can even spare them from pain. Hypnosis actually has scientific grounding but to an outsider’s eyes, it may seem like magic.

But such “outsiders” better brace themselves for something so astounding called feminization hypnosis. By all means, the purpose of feminization hypnosis is to “feminize” an individual. This measure may as well be effective for those who want to keep in touch with their feminine side or to bring it out.

Such individuals can be transvestites, transgenders or transsexuals. As these individuals are more inclined towards their feminine aspects, they can make the feminine in them come to full actuality through feminization hypnosis. Through feminization hypnosis, the feminine energy within an individual is tapped. The process of feminization hypnosis is voluntary wherein an individual, through hypnosis, goes through a relaxed, trance phase.

Transvestites, transgenders, and transsexuals can totally experience how it is to be a woman through feminization hypnosis. Through several sessions or so of feminization hypnosis, these individuals can uncover their fantasies and bring out their feminine side. During the feminization hypnosis session, an individual is allowed to respond to positive suggestions and visualizations.

It is a process of somehow programming the body and the mind to act like a woman. Apparently, the result would be that one is able to act and behave in a manner that a woman does. Feminization hypnosis has two end results. Primarily, it brings about behavioral transformation. It is capable of changing an individual’s manners and reactions as well as their emotional characteristics.

By this, it means being transformed into the nature of a woman – caring, sensitive and demure, among other things. With a successfully carried out feminization hypnosis, one would think, act and behave like a woman. The second outcome of feminization hypnosis can come out as a bit amazing. It is said to bring about a physical transformation in the sense that one would actually look like a woman.

One may think it incredible, but through feminization hypnosis, the hormones are enhanced altering one’s physical make-up. In time, it is said that one will eventually notice that their hair is silkier, their skin smoother and their voice giving out a softer tone. In cases wherein feminization hypnosis has proven to be successful, those concerned may find that they would enjoy a state of feminine behavioral and physical transformation.

Those who have long desired so can then be comfortable with their own feminine personality and their woman-like physique. A lot of transsexuals, transgenders, and transvestites are exploring the benefits of feminization hypnosis as such individuals find it to be a means to be more attractive to men. Evidently, feminization hypnosis is a lot less costly than a sex change operation or a hormonal injection and even more so, it entails no side effects which is why many are considering the possibility of going through the process.

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