Iyengar Yoga: Enhancing The Joy Of Anticipation

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Pregnancy can be one of the momentous events in a woman’s life. The anticipation of giving life can be an exhilarating experience if not for the discomforts experienced during the nine-month period of bearing another being within her. True, pregnancy can bring elation to a mother-to-be but it is not at all bliss as physical discomforts and anxieties go with pregnancy too. As every mother-to-be desires that she and her baby be at the peak of health during and after the pregnancy, it is necessary that stress levels be reduced, the strain is eased and relaxation is promoted during this period.

The benefits of yoga provide both instant gratification and lasting transformation.

A good diet and exercise are the ideal measures to achieve such state but choosing a set of exercises for a pregnant woman can be crucial due to her delicate situation. This is where Iyengar yoga comes in. Iyengar yoga is ideal for beginners and pregnant women as the exercises required for this yoga method entails not a risk for strain and injury. Like other forms of yoga, Iyengar yoga focuses on asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath control). Countless centers offer classes of Iyengar yoga for beginners and pregnant women and it can indeed deliver the best benefits on health and relaxation.

For pregnant women, Iyengar yoga is ideal in relieving stress and strain and in delivering health benefits for the mother and her baby. With this yoga practice, a mother-to-be is able to enjoy her pregnancy and more. Postures and breathing techniques carried out in Iyengar yoga are perfect in getting the mother in shape for delivering her baby, and this is certainly good news for anticipating mothers who are worried about childbirth. In the Iyengar yoga pregnancy method, an anticipating mother is aided with props to gain optimum benefits from yoga with fewer risks for strain or injury. When an anticipating mother engages in Iyengar yoga, health benefits such as the strengthening of the pelvis, reduction of lower back pain that usually arises during pregnancy, improved circulation for both the mother and the baby, strengthening of the internal organs and easing of stress, strain and fatigue can be obtained.

Poses in Iyengar yoga have been designed to support the growing abdomen and are generally varied from regular yoga asanas. As the abdomen grows, a pregnant woman’s sense of balance generally changes, thus in Iyengar yoga, she is required to carry out a gentle type of dance rather than the more traditional techniques of holding poses for a number of breaths. These methods in Iyengar yoga deliver the effects of alleviating pressure on the lower neck, promoting flexibility of the joints and in facilitating with deeper breathing which increases the oxygen available for the baby. When practicing this yoga pregnancy method, an anticipating mother is able to make the most of her pregnancy, even heightening the experience as health and well-being are improved.

Through Iyengar yoga, a pregnant woman is trained on breathing methods which are essential when giving birth. Being able to get in grips with proper breathing methods through Iyengar yoga can make the process of childbirth less stressful. The struggles of the whole pregnancy and childhood process can be eased with the aid of Iyengar yoga which cultivates an anticipating mother’s strength and capabilities in a gentle manner.

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