Kidney Pain Can Be Avoided

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Whether there is a family history of kidney stones or not, kidney pain brought by kidney stones can be avoided. With the extensive studies and researches made on the subject, a lot is known now about our kidney and correspondingly, kidney pain. Where kidney pain is, kidney stones are. That is one fact established as in the cases of some 10% of Americans afflicted with kidney stones and the others in age group of 25 to 45.

Photo of cross section of kidney
Kidney stones form when your urine contains more crystal-forming substances — such as calcium, oxalate and uric acid — than the fluid in your urine can dilute.

Interestingly enough, more males are kidney pain sufferers than female though as the golden age is reached, kidney stone incidence vis a vis kidney pain are off to a significant decline. What is also known now is that kidney pain is practically brought by a diet rich in fat and low in fiber.

The kidney stones do not develop overnight so it would mean regular food intake and consumption that are very high in fat and very low in fiber. Unless the kidney stones began to move, these are not known in our system reason why in medical discussions, these are referred to as “silent stones”.

You would be surprised though on the extent of pain it causes for when extracted, the kidney stones in question that caused tremendous kidney pain can actually be smaller than pea size. Kidney pain because of kidney stones start when it goes down the narrow ureter tube, the kidney’s link to the bladder.

“Excruciating” would be the word to describe the extent of kidney pain marked by lower back pain that seemingly travels and stays throughout the waist. This sort of kidney pain would also cause one to feel spasms or episodes of intense pain that moves from your back then the front and ultimately down to your groin.

Unless the stones are out, the pain continues. There are instances that the stones drop to the bladder. Hereon the kidney pain evolves into a burning pain when trying to urinate. Kidney pain ranges from about 60 seconds of intense sharp sensation to a few days. It only gets worse if the kidney stones of the size that can block the ureter.

As such, urinating is an ordeal which makes it practically impossible for the large kidney stone has sealed off the flow thus applying pressure on the tube walls. If left untreated, chances are high not only for kidney pain but kidney infection as well. Doctors at this stage will recommend the removal of the kidney stones and depending on the severity, will push for surgery, medication or by using a natural home remedy cure.

Proven to be good aids to avoid formation of kidney stones or even as among the home remedy cures is drinking of fresh coconut water. There is no overdose of coconut water intake so there really is no harm in making this a part of your diet. Again, kidney pain brought by kidney stones are marked by one’s diet of high fatty foods and low fiber foods.

Institute major changes in your diet and your family’s diet particularly those with history of kidney stone formation. Kidney pain can be avoided just as it can be treated if managed well. As always though when it comes to health care, prevention is better than cure. Early detection leads to early cure.

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