You Can Make your Woman Happy

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What have you done lately to make your partner happy? Have you given her a tangible gifts that she has longtime adored? Or have you treated her to a parlor session that she has been craving ever since. Have you ever tried giving your wife a body massage? With regards to her being a woman as a whole; have you told her “Thank You”? You see this phrase is as powerful as saying “I’m Sorry!” because it carries with it deep appreciation and sincerity (if you ever are!).

photo of woman getting massage from husband
Sensual massage is a way to incorporate the sense of touch into sexual activity.

With regards to having sex with your wife; are you the only one who is satisfied? Do you give her a body massage to set the mood or is it a one-way street, that after you’re done, you just lie on your back and sleep without even saying thank you? You see this simple ordinary word is capable of melting down an aching heart of deep emotion that’s wrapped in thick solid ice.

In this article I aim to teach you (the men), on how to make your woman happy by giving your woman a body massage , but with a deep rooted meaning. What I aim to accomplish here is for your women to feel the feeling or importance and deep piercing emotions brought about by your loving hands through Erotic Massage.

A full body massage, that is to be practiced only by married couples. This kind of tantric massage will make your woman feel like she is in a dream, where time is of no importance, physical boundaries vanish, and worries and heartaches are forgotten. Begin this body massage by letting her lie on her back with pillows place under her head and a towel covered pillow on her hips for support.

Slightly separate her legs with her knees slightly bent. Then gently massage her shoulders, arms, fingers, breasts, nipples, abdomen, legs, thighs, and feet with warm massage oils. Nothing should escape your attention; your aim is to stimulate her energy and awaken her senses, this will increase her body’s sensitivity. Such massage techniques will make your woman feel pampered, cared and loved.

You see even a simple body massage will loosen stiff muscles and can make the blood circulation flow well. Other ways of making your woman happy such as enrolling to a dance school as partners. This will sensually awaken her senses as well. Something new in your activities will always be exciting and fun.

With regards to this, your woman will love you more and as an addition, both of you will eventually learn a new talent. In fact, a good dancer will always be good in bed! Your advantage is, this good dancer happens to be your wife, who married you for who you are and is in love with you still.

Then after a every session give her a body massage loaded will love. Another way to make your woman happy is through a sumptuous meal; Treat your wife to a romantic dinner, pamper her with this treat and reinforce it with a gift such as a necklace with her name on or a ring inside a bottle of her favorite wine.

The procedure is to let the sweet conversations flow like a running stream, then pour her favorite wine to her glass, eventually the ring will emerge outside of the wine. This will be a surprise to her. Then before going to bed, sing to her a song while applying a body massage.

Lastly, surprise your wife by kneeling down on your knees. Proposing and ask her hand for a second marriage! This may sound cliché but the deep meaning that accompanies with this act is a symbol and an assurance to your wife that she is still loved, appreciated, adored, and most of all wanted! This will make her the happiest wife on earth! Love your wife, and be proud that you did!

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