Psychic Ability And The Third Eye Chakra

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People with psychic ability are able to foresee the future. Other than that, they can also see and sense things which others cannot. The subject of psychic ability is in fact too broad to explain. But it is an interesting subject. As the realm of psychic ability is too expansive and profound, countless notions abound pertaining to it.

The third eye chakra is the energy center in our body responsible for reality, perception, manifesting, thought, and intuition.

It is said that one has the psychic ability when their third eye is open. Others believe that it is not a question of whether one has a third eye. It is merely a matter of whether one’s third eye is open. In this sense then, one can cultivate their psychic ability.

But how? Meditation is one of the best means. A multitude of individuals practices meditation. Meditation techniques generally serve different purposes, one of them which is developing psychic ability. But why is it that many are not successful in this endeavor? Well, there are correct ways of doing things as well as there is an incorrect manner.

And so it is with meditation for the cultivation of psychic ability. What exactly is the proper way of doing it, one may ask? The key in an effective meditation practice to be psychic is in channeling energy. For improving psychic ability, one should direct energy into the third eye chakra. 

Where is the third eye chakra? It is located between the eyebrows. It is also the energy center that shares the most intimate relationship with one’s psychic ability. The third eye chakra is the gateway in keeping in touch with one’s psychic self. This energy center then is where one should truly focus their energy and attention on.

The third eye chakra has the ability to see beyond what is obvious. It is through the third eye chakra that one gains access to the realm of clairvoyance and intuition. When one readily has access to this realm, then they are said to be psychic. The more freely one has access to the realm of intuition and clairvoyance, the easier they can keep in touch with their psychic ability. 

Being psychic then is all about having easy access to this realm. How does one do this? By using the power of the mind through visualization. The following steps should be incorporated into the meditation session. Such steps aim at directing energy into the third eye chakra which results in improved psychic ability.

With eyes closed, one should start to relax their mind. One should then imagine in front of them an indigo light source. Then they should visualize themselves drawing indigo energy from the light source through their third eye chakra. With every inhalation, energy is drawn from the light until their body becomes filled up with it. 

When one has sufficient energy from the light, they can then breathe it out through the spine or the feet and then into the earth. This should be done 20 minutes daily as a regimen to develop one’s psychic ability. Following this daily psychic ability visualization is to spend a few minutes to ground oneself spiritually. 

Having psychic ability in itself is like having some sort of power. It is vital though that one uses their psychic ability with responsibility and with care.

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