Tanned Throughout with No Tan Lines!

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What can be sexier than an even tan — one which exudes an exotic appeal. Having a tanned look remains to be one of the bolder ways of being attractive. So you want to have a luscious looking and daring tan. You could go to the beach and bask under the glorious sun rays.

Photo of a man with tan lines
A tan line is a visually clear division on the human skin between an area of pronounced comparative paleness relative to other areas that have been suntanned by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Nothing beats getting tanned the natural way—plus you avail of an abounding activation of Vitamin D in your body. You might have been a beach bum yourself and had been tanning yourself out in the open. But considering you’re somewhat in the public eye, you couldn’t bare all of you, or your skin for that matter. So you would either wear a one-piece swimwear or a skimpy bikini.

The problem with this is you would get bothersome tan lines after you get your gorgeous sun-simmered color. You and many other suntan enthusiasts are actually dodging the same dilemma- tan lines. There’s a fancy and practical solution to this particular tanning glitch, and this is the tan-thru swimwear. This specific sort of swimwear is designed to minimize if not completely eliminate strap lines.

And all you’d get is an even and natural golden sheath. You might be asking how this anti-tan lines trapping works. This swimwear is not see-thru or transparent as what you might initially think. The apparel has been designed to banish tan lines, and its artful inventors had your concerns in mind.

So areas in your anatomy which should be undisclosed will remain to be so. You would still manage to keep you composure and fashionableness with this sparse yet auspicious accouterment against tan lines. And then you might get concerned about sunburn as well. Unfortunately, a sun burn is possible even with the swimwear on. 

This trendy getup is in fact similar to a medium level sunscreen- that which has SPF 6- 10. So if you had been banking on a stronger sunscreen as a defense against the scorching sunrays, keep to the same measure even when wearing the swimwear. This so called technology functions with the use of a special knitting technique. 

The fabric created with millions of diminutive pores allowing half of the sunlight to penetrate your skin. Thus, it becomes possible for the covered area to be exposed to the heat as well. The suit is comparable to that of a medium level sunscreen. Due to the miniscule pores, your skin is able to breathe, making you feel cooler and comfortable. 

Perspiration will evaporate or wick away from your skin instantly. But other than the beach, the tan-thru swimwear is also suitable for use in a tanning salon. Its material is designed to work well within the range of SPF 2- 20. Then again, this gives you an added comfort with you not needing to feel completely naked in the tanning bed. 

You can wear the gear underneath your clothes. And once you are in the salon, all you would need to do is take off your outer clothing. Then you are ready to hop into the tanning bed with something on, but which is close to almost nothing. And the tan? It gets through to you all throughout sans the irksome tan lines.

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