In the Arena of Women Bodybuilders

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Although it is a fact that bodybuilding has gained a diverse population of aficionados such as women and teenagers as well, it must be noted that four decades or so ago, the hobby or sport was initially dominated by men.

Woman lifting a barbell
All bodybuilders are athletes. It’s time we give the ladies the same respect we give to the men.

Many may have had a good glimpse of bodybuilding in the widely acclaimed movie “Pumping Iron” which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger during the late 1970’s. During this decade, the women’s liberation movement was beginning to assert itself, and coincidentally, the world of women bodybuilders also started to unfold.

As bodybuilding went into the public eye owing to the Schwarzenegger movie, women, who were also clamoring for equality, proved that they are capable of doing what men can, and perhaps that may include bodybuilding.

Women bodybuilders were perhaps unthinkable prior to that decade as muscles are generally connoted with men. Brawns and strength go with the notion of masculinity, and somehow, women bodybuilders as an idea was something novel and could quite have been radical.

Such is no longer the case as there is now a vast population of women enjoying bodybuilding as an inclusion to their health regimen or as a competitive sport. Women bodybuilders, to attain an ideally symmetrical and well-sculpted body generally work hard as men do.

In fact, women bodybuilders may even adhere to similar bodybuilding routines as women bodybuilders have the same set of muscles which can be developed as men. The only difference between women and men bodybuilders is their hormonal make-up wherein men bodybuilders have an abundance of testosterone which promotes muscle growth and storage whereas women bodybuilders abound with estrogen which plays a vital role in fat storage.

Nevertheless, women bodybuilders, just as men do, initially have to burn fats prior to focusing on a workout regimen which aims to develop muscle mass. Women bodybuilders engage in bodybuilding programs specifically designed for their desires and goal.

For women bodybuilders who pump iron for health benefits, they are sure to gain the rewards of endurance, a boosted bodily defenses and better body organ functioning. Other than that, women bodybuilders also relish in an enhanced physical appearance with well-toned and lean bodies.

Personality-wise, women as bodybuilders also develop better self-esteem and confidence due to the buoyant sensation that regular exercise brings as well as their aesthetically appealing physique.

For those who wish to join the world of women bodybuilders, there may be hesitation due to the fear that they might get bulky and massive with too much muscles. Such an irregularity can actually happen if a woman is not careful with the bodybuilding program to adhere to.

Women bodybuilders must crucially take into consideration the workout program that they should keep to if they want to achieve their desired results. Besides, there is a lesser likelihood for women bodybuilders to become extremely muscled like men as men tend to be so massively muscled due to the male hormone testosterone.

If a woman engages in bodybuilding without the use of steroids as well, then there may be no need for concern about getting huge. With the proper bodybuilding program, nutrition, focus and commitment, women can succeed in bodybuilding just as men can.

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