The Big Impact of Low Impact Water Aerobics

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Low impact water aerobics is a fun and exciting means of getting in shape. Done in chest deep water, low impact water aerobics may involve some warm ups and stretching as well as cool down exercises. Low impact water aerobics may also include entertaining dance steps while wallowing in the pool. Unlike high impact aerobic exercises that leave you sore and drain all the energy out of you, low impact water aerobics can give you an energetic and refreshed feeling afterwards. A large percentage of individuals find it difficult to adhere to a regular aerobic exercise regimen as they can eventually lose enthusiasm in doing the exercises.

Photo of water aerobics session
Water aerobics (waterobics, aquatic fitness, aquafitness, aquafit) is the performance of aerobic exercise in fairly shallow water such as in a swimming pool.

High impact aerobics can be so painstaking that the concept of exercising has become tormenting to so many people. Some people eventually lose interest in exercising as they are not aware that they can do low impact exercises with maximum health benefits. Such is the case of low impact water aerobics. The program actually doesn’t require a person to do backbreaking vigorous exercises. There may be minimal strenuous activities in low intensity water aerobics but the program can be remarkably efficient as the exercises are done in the water. As the water provides resistance while executing the exercises, low impact water aerobics can be effective in flexing the muscles thereby building up muscular strength.

Unlike high impact aerobic exercises, low intensity water aerobics doesn’t leave you aching and exhausted as you don’t have to do all those jumping and heavy stretching. The exercises may be done in the water but this doesn’t put pressure on the body at all. Wading in the water can be cool and invigorating, thus less effort is required in low impact water aerobics. People of all ages are capable of doing low intensity water aerobics from children to adults and the elderly. Even pregnant women can benefit from the program as it has been proven to be less arduous and is safe.

When incorporated into a health regimen, low impact water aerobics doesn’t run the risk of damaging the bones and the joints that’s why the elderly are able to carry them out. Weak bones and wobbly joints are not impediments in enjoying water aerobics which is synonymous with an exciting, relaxed way of regularly doing an exercise program. For expecting mothers, low intensity water aerobics can even be safe for their babies. If an individual has a medical condition that may inhibit him from doing strenuous physical activities, low impact water aerobics can be one of the best choices to be fit and well.

Low intensity aqua aerobics may require less effort in exercising with a minimal duration of 45 minutes but it has a big impact on the health. It will aid in the rapid burning of calories thereby causing weight loss. Consequently, an individual will feel better as he looks better. Low impact water aerobics is also beneficial for the heart as it enhances the endurance of the cardiovascular muscles. Implementing low impact aqua aerobics as an inclusion to the health regimen will prove not only beneficial to the body but to the overall well-being as well. Providing an individual with an easygoing yet helpful means of exercising as well as having fun socializing with other participants in the program, low impact water aerobics can also be an enjoyable way of socializing and gaining friends.

Low impact water aerobics can be one of the ultimate solutions for a unique, enjoyable and safe way for an exercise regimen that would promote fitness and overall well-being.

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