Office Socialization Means Lesser Stress and Better Work

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How many hours do you spend in the office everyday? And how many days in the week do you stay in your workplace? And if youve been working for years, well, imagine how much of your life you’ve literally lived in the office. Do the math how many hours has it been, or days, or years since you’ve been a regular office dweller.

Photo of workplace with employees socializing
A study by The McKinsey Global Institute shows that productivity improves by 20-25% in organizations with connected employees.

Considering you basically inhabit your workplace on a regular basis and for a significant amount of time, you have to make means to make it a better place. Not only in terms of decluttering or organizing your workspace but more importantly, the social atmosphere. You probably have (more than) enough stress coming from the tasks demanded of you.

And if you happen to be anti-social, or else you feel an unlikely social workplace setting, then your stress is virtually doubled. By all means, take time for office socialization. Don’t be such a nerd or a dweeb so absorbed in what you do in the office. That is, don’t be a robot enclosed in your own cubicle eternally tinkering with the computer.

Or else dribbling notes here and there that you don’t have time for occasional chit-chats. Much stress can be taken off you if you make means for healthy office socialization. Make your workplace the ultimate work setting, a place conducive for working and for you growing and becoming a better employee and person.

Office socialization makes your workplace a comfortable place to be in. Have healthy and positive relationships with your bosses or colleagues in the workplace. This is office socialization which can ease stress anxiety and depression from your job, especially if it is tedious in itself. In fact, if you take time having amiable relationships with your co-workers, you find yourself more focused towards doing the tasks required of you.

Office socialization is apparently a means for you to take care of yourself- as a person and as an employee. Social time in the workplace can actually boost your morale. Humor or a good laugh in the work setting would well be useful. But of course, it shouldn’t be offensive or derogatory.

Having social time exchanging jokes ought to be within boundaries. Jokes you tell your old high school buddies might not be appropriate being shared with your colleagues, though. Sensitive jokes can endanger your professional standing or reputation. In office socialization events or parties, be mindful of touching, unless you go dancing with a co-worker or doing such other activities.

You could prompt an eventual lawsuit by draping your arm around a co-worker, especially if you don’t have their permission. A handshake greeting is acceptable, but as much as possible, don’t make skin-to-skin contact with colleagues in your workplace. Effective office socialization also has to do with communicating with everybody in the place.

And then, you also have to be an attentive listener. More importantly, you have to mind your manners. Pay attention to table etiquette when there’s a meal, or in your work habits, especially if your output is part of a team’s performance. Shop talk is better avoided say only things which people appreciate hearing.

Office socialization means you having to adjust with people in a place where different personalities abound. This is essential for a group setting wherein output and productivity is required.

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